Hi, my name is Chinedu Onyeoka all through my journey in life, I have always been interested in what makes things work and the reasons why things generally are the way they are.

As a graduate of economics and statistic in the year 2014, I discovered my keen interest in data, statistics, and technology but did not follow through on my interest until 2017.

in 2017 I picked up interest again with HTML and CSS but this time I had gotten admission to or post-graduate studies in Maritime Management and Administration. During my postgraduate studies, I started struggling with keeping up with classes doing a part-time business while pursuing actively my interest in web development.

I started by learning Html CSS and Bootstrap. Fortunately, I was able to pull through the first semester with a good academic result.

After been proficient in Html, CSS, and Bootstrap, I decided to be audacious.

I applied for a job as a software developer thinking all that makes a website fully functional is knowing HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap. Of course, I just finished reading HeadFirst Html and CSS thinking that is all to it. I got a mail to come for an assessment, I was really happy to have been invited on getting to the venue the entire environment was cozy and friendly but I was terrified inside not because of the environment but because of the way we were treated while waiting for the assessment, we were served bread and coffee and thought to myself’ who serves coffee and bread during an interview this must be a specialized skill ‘.

The assessment started, and lo and behold the assessment took a completely different turn that left me dumbfounded. I said to myself “what the heck is this”, connecting a PHP server to an SQL database. The questions were set in plain English, but I just could not comprehend what the heck these guys were talking about. I stared at the screen for complete six hours after been frustrated, I stood up told the Developer I was leaving, and he asked why I was leaving, offering to assist me and see where I was stuck because it was just two of us left others have left while almost 50 percent of those who applied did not even show up for the interview.

while walking out of the interview I was really sad not because I could not solve the questions but because I had an opportunity to transition my life into my passion but the skill was not just enough.

I joined a tech community before the end of my semester break. I kept reading the developers’ comment and I was completely abstracted I could not comprehend most of what these guys were saying, I kept visiting google on several occasions trying Io read up every single word that appears alien while still practicing PHP this time. I started getting comfortable with the lingos and the developers’ terms. So one morning I posted on the group that I am looking for an opportunity to be trained. The following day I got a call from a developer called ifechukwu ifeora. He asked for my skills competence then I told him. I got a reply with a link telling me to register for a boot-camp.

The Game Changer

I was selected for the boot-camp scheduled to start 24 hrs after my project defense at the Federal Capital while my defense was holding at Niger state. I did my best to complete the defense and left the same day for Abuja. It was a wonderful experience at hashubs.

The learning started with an introduction to programming, algorithms, and data-structures. the fundamentals of javaScript which includes working with variables; variables that use web browser consoles. I was exposed to functions and how to invoke functions as a statement. learned Jquery for almost a month then got introduced to new technologies like Nodejs, express, and react. everything was moving very fast than expected for me, there was a lot of catch up I had to do. I was learning on the fly. We had a very good facilitator who knows his onion. Ebuka Ugwu would encourage us every morning and still keep teaching until we get it right.

Hashubs gave me my first opportunity to work with teams and I contributed to my first project called laundry-Express. A lot of things were happening too fast that I had to be learning on my feet every single day. We had lots of fun, prep talks, business-Fridays with the convener Mr. Oriyomi olukunbi.

After the boot-camp, I kept on practicing and started freelancing and building websites reusing various libraries of codes and website templates from previous freelance jobs while making a few bucks alongside learning react and Nodejs.

Two months later I applied for Google mobile-web specialist. This improved my front-end skills and I started working with Html and CSS in a fintech company. After 6 months of working, I got a mail from Hackerbay University that I once did a 4 months unpaid internship with but could not complete as a result of my financial ineptitudes.

While surfing through the web, I saw a retweet of Genesys internship. My heart was elated with joy as this will allow me to get through and mastery in my area of focus. One of the exciting things about Genesys internship is that u have the opportunity to focus on just one technology and working alongside mentorships and code reviews.

Journey From 2020 and Beyond

  1. Digital Native/Software Engineer at Semicolon.africa specialized in JAVA
  2. Internship/Learnable20 at Genesys specialized in React and Redux.

software developer, author with the knowledge of Financial Economics and Data Analysis with interest in mentoring young lads

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