Hello there, in this article my aim is to explain the fundamentals of RxJava and its applications towards event streams during android development. lets do a revisit on some of the popular programming paradigms we know.

  1. OOP: Popularly known as Object Oriented Programming sees everything as an object. Meaning an Object has a way of encapsulating its state and allow outside object to modify it through its member function.
  2. FP: functional Programming: More or else like a mathematical precision that helps us to describe or define what a program does.
  3. Rx: Reactive Extensions, this a paradigm use to capture events…



HTML Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) is a markup use to describe the structure of a web page.

HTML provides a set of tags that can be used to mark the beginning and end of a content.

Semantic code is basically the act of making sure that the code that you write is easily understandable to anyone who wants to work with it.

Semantic HTML is key towards good accessibility practices. When a screen reader, or any sort of assistive device scans a web page, it gets information about the Document Object Model…

Hi, my name is Chinedu Onyeoka all through my journey in life, I have always been interested in what makes things work and the reasons why things generally are the way they are.

As a graduate of economics and statistic in the year 2014, I discovered my keen interest in data, statistics, and technology but did not follow through on my interest until 2017.

in 2017 I picked up interest again with HTML and CSS but this time I had gotten admission to or post-graduate studies in Maritime Management and Administration. …

onyeoka chinedu

software developer, author with the knowledge of Financial Economics and Data Analysis with interest in mentoring young lads

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